Building the Home of the Future, Today

Energy efficient products that make life easier.

Green Home Automation specializes in the development of energy efficient products tailored to save you both time and money. Can’t afford to convert your roof to a solar array? No problem, our devices will save you more per dollar spent, in energy savings, than most green energy options. Why not check out the latest innovations to hit our store and see for yourself? Everything you see at GHA is:

  • Innovative
  • Energy Saving
  • Practical
  • Affordable

Save Money

Our products pay themselves off faster than most residential green energy options.

Eco Friendly

Are you doing your part to help fight global warming?

Well Built

Our products are built of the highest quality components, rigorously tested and designed to last.

Canadian Owned

Supporting Canadians and their families during the Great Reset.

Our Products



Automatically shade your home, and produce power at the same time.


Automatically detect cool air to reduce your air conditioning load.

Invest in your environment, and the environment will pay you back.

– Green Home Automation –

Why Green Home Automation

Professional Installation

For those of us that aren’t so handy

Though most of our products are not hard to install, we provide installation services in some areas. All installations come with an extended warranty. If you have any problems just give us a call and we’ll sort it out!



You won’t find it anywhere else

Our products are generally the latest in green energy and home automation technology. If it’s new, and it’s a good idea, you’ll see it here first. However, some of our products are ‘UL pending’, so keep that in mind if you support a recent Kickstarter project we have in the works!

Clean Energy

Reducing the carbon footprint

Everything we sell is designed to mitigate energy costs. This means if you plan on installing solar panels, you’ll need less of them, with our products. Or, if you are still using fossil fuels, you’ll also need less of that too.

There is no advantage to unneeded waste.

– Green Home Automation –